Urgent: This is how the markets reacted to the Fed’s decision..Oil, gold, crypto and bonds By Investing.com

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Investing.com – The Fed announced its decision to raise interest rates by 75 basis points, but the committee’s report indicated that the Fed was following a slower pace in raising interest rates and that it will take into account the effects of its decisions on the US economy and its growth.

and silver

Gold rose more than 1.05% after the Fed’s decision, and is now trading at $1666.5 an ounce, while it rose 1.38% to $19.933 an ounce.

Dollar and bonds

The American fell more than 0.69% to record now 110,585 against a basket of foreign currencies. While it rose by 0.71% to record 0.9944 against the dollar.

As for the US bond yields, the 10-year yield fell by 1.26% to record 4.001% now, and the two-year Treasury yields fell by 1.88% to record 4.4556% now.


Oil rose after the Fed’s decision due to the reduced risk of economic recession, and is now recorded at $96.01, up by 1.46%, while Texas Crude rose by 1.72% to $89.78 a barrel.

It rises by 1.44% to record $20,750.8 for the symbol, while Ethereum records 1617.8, up by 2.54%.

American indicators

It is now rising by 1%, adding 326 points, to record 32979.58 points, while it rose by 0.74%, or 0.78%.

Powell and Recruitment

Markets are awaiting the US Federal Reserve’s speech, which will begin minutes later at an open press conference, as well as labor market data expected on Friday.

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