Urgent: The bloody decline is covering the American indices, and gold is losing nearly 2%! by Investing.com

Investing.com – The losses of US stocks continue to collapse and collapse in a new weekly round that begins today, after the collapse on Friday that followed the release of strong employment data, which lost 3.8% of its value, today to renew the pain of the American stock market with losses that painted all indicators in red bearish.

After the Dow Jones futures fell in the pre-opening trading, the US market indices are now falling, with the S&P 500 index on top of it, down by 1.1%, and down by 0.73%, as well as the Dow Jones by 0.73%, losing 214 points so far.

The electric car market witnessed a big fall, as Tesla (NASDAQ:) fell yesterday to its lowest level in 52 weeks at 221 and is still near this level today and is trading specifically at $223.51, an increase of 0.16%, while Rivian lost 9.5% of its value today to record $30.7, and Lucid also suffered violent losses, as it lost 5.2% of its value, falling to $12.49 per share.

The markets are awaiting the release of inflation data at the end of this week.

As for when, it rose today to 113.06 against a basket of foreign currencies, deepening the losses of the wounded and bringing it down to 0.9705, with losses of 0.37%.

While it lost 1.9% of its value to record 1676.75 dollars an ounce, and fell to 19.617 after losing 0.638 dollars, as it fell by 3.15%.

It is trading at the lowest levels of $20,000, specifically at $19,232, down by 1.4%.

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