Urgent: Dow Jones and Nasdaq rise, the lira falls against the euro, and the ruble rises against the dollar By Investing.com

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Investing.com – Markets continue to rally today after yesterday’s positive inflation data paved the way for a shift in US monetary policy. It is an event that will turn from prediction to reality within hours, with the issuance of the Federal Reserve’s decision and expectations for interest in 2023, and then the exit of Jerome Powell, President of the US Federal Reserve, at a press conference to answer all questions about monetary policy and recession risks.

Update 30 minutes before the Fed’s decision

The Nasdaq shares are now rising by 0.55 points, while the Dow Jones is rising by 0.67%, adding 229.75 points, and the S&P 500 has increased by 0.63%. It is expected that these rises will extend if the Fed’s message brings more easing of monetary policies in the coming year, which will be explained by Jerome Powell. In his speech at the press conference.

Foreign currencies and the US dollar

The US dollar index is now recording a decline of 0.31% to trade at 103.240 against a basket of foreign currencies, while the euro-dollar is rising by 0.39% against the dollar.

It fell against the euro by 1.54%, to record 19.8798 pounds per euro, while it maintained its level against the dollar at 18.6272.

As for it, it rose by 1.82% against the US dollar, to record 63.9950. It also rose against the dollar by 0.28%.

Treasury bonds…and the market at the open today

The US 10-year yield now fell by 0.42%, to record 3.488%, while the two-year Treasury yield fell by 1.4%, to record 4.1697%.

As for the main indices of the Stock Exchange, it rose by 0.60%, by 0.39%, and the S&P 500, by 0.57%.

And it continued to fall, as it lost 0.17% of its value during today’s trading, to record 103.390 against a basket of foreign currencies, most notably the Pound.

It is now rising by 1.49%, to record $76.5 a barrel, while it records $81.79 a barrel, an increase of 1.38%.

electric vehicle sector

Despite the strong rise in the trading yesterday and today, Tesla (NASDAQ:) shares recorded a decline of 1.76%, to now trade at $157.83, while Lucid fell by 3.32%, recording a share of $7.72, while Rivian rose by 0.26%, to record $25.01 per share.

The most important stocks, the most high and the most low

Shares of Apple (NASDAQ:) rose by 0.49%, Amazon (NASDAQ:) by 0.37%, and Meta Platforms by 1.42%, while Credit Suisse lost 4.27% of its value, to record $3.24 per share.

The most active stocks with the most ups and downs

Moderna shares were the highest gainer, rising by 6.6%, along with Delta Airlines and ANSYS, by 3.6% and 2.98%, respectively.

While Charter Communications (NASDAQ:) lost 11.83%, along with Albermarle and Cassirs. Shares

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