Urgent: A violent fall for the dollar… and gold climbs $ 1729 and the Dow Jones adds 630 points and stocks are flying By Investing.com

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Investing.com – Not since Jackson Hole have markets been as suspicious of the Fed’s intent as they are now, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies are galloping up with reassurance that the Fed will ease its aggressive monetary policy soon, to avoid an even bigger meltdown. in the markets.

Voices called for the Federal Reserve to be keen on the markets and help the American market not to repeat the 2008 crisis again, and voices were raised with the emergence of the Credit Suisse crisis and the rise in betting points on the bank’s credit deficit, which came with the bank’s shares falling and losing close to 55% since the beginning of the year.

As a result, US stocks rose yesterday, inspiring the rise of the main indices by more than 2%, but today the stocks continue to launch, rising with them by 2.36% and the index by 2.14%, adding 607 points, and the most important thing is now rising by 2.22%.

On the other hand, the American’s losses deepened, falling below the 111 levels, and recording 110,373 against a basket of foreign currencies, down by 1.15%. The currency master’s losses deepened with the release of job opportunities data below expectations, raising the alarm on the American labor market.

Futures contracts are now up 1.65% to trade at $1729.7 an ounce, while spot contracts are up 1.23% to $1,720.79 an ounce. An ounce rose above $21 after rising more than 8% in morning trading, and is now trading at $21.07 an ounce. On the other hand, the 10-year yield is still declining, losing 0.82% and recording 3.621%.

It climbed 2.47% to approach the stubborn 20K level, as well as Ethereum is rising by 1.02% to trade at $1338.8 for the symbol.

Oil continues to launch with the markets certainty that OPEC will announce a reduction in its trend tomorrow, and Texas crude rose by 3.34% to record $86.42 a barrel, while it recorded $91.66 a barrel, up by 3.16%.

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