“The United” launches a platform for trading foreign currencies electronically

As part of its plan to achieve the digital transformation process by increasing reliance on innovative financial technology in the bank’s business models, Ahli United Bank announced the launch of an internal platform for electronic foreign exchange trading by treasury employees, which is a qualitative step that will enhance, automate and standardize the bank’s foreign exchange activities. Develop its presence in the local and international foreign exchange markets.

This platform provides an additional advantage, by allowing the immediate display of prices to treasury employees, so that the exchanges requested by the customer from the bank are carried out in an immediate manner while reducing the risks associated with volatile markets.

On this occasion, Hussein Khaja, Deputy Director General of Treasury at the Bank, stated that the launch of currency conversion through the electronic currency trading platform system will enhance the digital development of “The United”, and contribute to the growth of its business activities in the field of electronic foreign exchange trading.

Khajeh said: “At a time when the banking sector is increasingly dependent on digital channels, we are moving forward with Ahli United Bank with confidence to accelerate digitization and move towards new horizons that enable us to enhance the provision of the best experiences to the bank’s customers.”

He added that the bank intends to continue its efforts to achieve the digital transformation process by launching more innovative solutions, and working to provide advanced value-added products in order to achieve a positive and sustainable impact.


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