The Tamadoge TAMA coin has completed the initial sale phase – $19 million raised and a big coin win.

Tamadoge Tama has finished its first sale and has raised about $19 million within a few weeks, which shows how great the interest is from the crypto community and from investors, who saw a great and unique opportunity by investing and buying this wonderful and revolutionary digital currency in the field of metaverses. The symbols are not replaceable.

A premium coin in the field of metaverses

Tamadoge Tama coin is a wonderful, distinct and revolutionary currency, which is the digital currency supporting and supporting the Tamadoge platform in the field of metaverses and non-fungible tokens, and the principle of playing for profit, so that you can raise animals in the form of NFT and train them to be able to wrestle in metaverses, with the potential to win a lot of real money. The Tama coin operates according to the Ethereum blockchain, and it has completed the first sale phase after collecting on Sunday, September 18, $19 million, and this confirms the extent of the strength and importance of this emerging digital currency, which is expected to have a prosperous future in the crypto community and market.

The strength and importance of the Tamadoge platform and the great professionalism through which it was created, makes its digital currency Tama a distinctive and sought-after currency in the financial markets. After completing the first sale stage and entering the public sale stage, Tama coin may rise a lot, and bring significant and many profits to the owners of this revolutionary digital currency in the first sale stage.

Relying on the revolutionary blockchain technology, Web 3.0, non-fungible tokens, and the principle of playing for profit, this platform has been able to achieve increasing and great interest, both for video game lovers who play with real money, as well as for investors who saw in this platform, and in its digital currency a distinctive way to earn Lots and real money, by buying and investing in this premium currency.

The field of metaverses and non-fungible tokens NFT is the future, and this is what major companies and platforms have realized, and even governments are also investing significantly in the field of metaverses, which will create an important revolution in the world.

Find out how to get tokens on September 20

On September 20 at 12 GMT, details on how to claim TAMA tokens purchased in the initial sale phase will be released through the platform’s official website. Tamadoge Or through the social networking platform Telegram and Discord.

Those who kept quiet about obtaining the digital currency TAMA are among the lucky ones, because this encrypted currency may know an important rise when it enters the central trading platforms and put it up for sale to the public.

Trading platforms flock to Tamadoge Tama coin

A group of famous cryptocurrency trading platforms have expressed their willingness to offer the digital currency TAMA for trading on its platform to the public, and this shows the increasing interest in this revolutionary digital currency in the field of metaverses and non-fungible tokens. More details about the platforms on which the Tamadoge coin will be launched, will be announced later.

Metaverse domain and Tamadoge platform

The field of metavirs is the future and many fields will rely on this technology, which will create a real revolution. The field of video games has also shown an increasing interest in this technology, and this is what the Tamadoge platform tried to exploit by creating a wonderful platform for its participants to be able to raise animals, train them and feed them, to be able to wrestle and make profits from the TAMA currency, which can later Convert it to coins such as US dollars, for example, when you wrestle with your wonderful animals in the Tamadoge platform, then you may be able to achieve real financial profits, in addition to enjoying and happiness when playing your favorite and wonderful game.

Video games that depend on the block chain, metaverses, and non-fungible tokens, are not only games for entertainment, but may be able to achieve important entrances. Games like The Sandbox and Decentraland have been a huge success and have millions of users in them relying on gaming technology to win. Tamadoge is also heading down this path to become among the most important gaming platforms for profit in the field of metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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