The rise in the price of the dollar in Turkey today, Friday, June 24

The price of the dollar rose today in Turkey against the lira, after the Turkish Central Bank announced that interest rates would be fixed at 14% unchanged at its meeting yesterday, while foreign currency reserves are declining, and foreign investors are leaving due to the weak return on the lira.

The price of the dollar in Turkey today against the lira

The price of the dollar rose against the Turkish lira at the end of this week’s trading in the currency trading market, according to what was stated on the investing website, where the dollar was trading in Turkey at the time of writing this report at 17.3720 Turkish liras for purchase, compared to 17.3760 Turkish liras for the sale price, an increase of 0.0190 points, and a 0.11% change rate in the positive direction, compared to the opening price of 17.3526 Turkish liras, and the dollar exchange rate in Turkey is expected to reach its highest value at 17.3864 Turkish liras, while reaching its lowest value at 17.3669 Turkish liras.

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Foreign investors leave Turkey and foreign exchange reserves fall

The past weeks witnessed a sharp decline in the foreign currency in the Turkish Central Bank, as many dollar holders preferred to return to America after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, while fixing interest rates in Turkey at 14%, despite their relatively high rate, resulted in lower returns on the Turkish lira.

Securities statistics from the Central Bank of Turkey showed that foreign investors continued to leave the Turkish stock and bond market during the past week, which ended on June 17, after the exit of $ 316.1 million from the stock market during the previous week, and during the past week, currency deposits declined foreign exchange worth $627 million, recording $212.68 billion.

While the deposits of families and individuals are the largest proportion, and this year began with deposits amounting to 147 billion dollars, while it decreased this week only by 949 million dollars, to now reach 133.70 billion dollars.


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