The recovery of “Bitcoin” .. the prices of cryptocurrencies during today’s trading, Tuesday

Bitcoin price increased and tested the $17,500 resistance BTC corrected the gains, but remains well supported above the $16,800 support Bitcoin also extended its upward move above the $17,100 and $17,300 resistance levels and the price is trading near $17,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. Cryptocurrency prices today, Tuesday, December 6, 2022, are a strong boost with the support of American jobs that indicate the continuation of monetary tightening. The market value of cryptocurrency today, Tuesday, December 6, recorded about $ 854.50 billion, amid cash flows during the last 24 hours of about $ 36.20 billion.

Bitcoin price today

The price of the encrypted digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) rose on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, by 0.05%, to reach $17,003.1.

The market value of Bitcoin rose today, Tuesday, December 6, to $ 326.8 billion.

Cryptocurrency rates today

  • The price of Ethereum ETH fell by 0.02% from its value to $1,259.20, but the currency achieved a weekly gain of 3.78%.
  • The price of Binance coin BNB decreased by 0.11%, to record $288.56.
  • The price of Ripple XRP rose by 0.14% to $0.3823.

  • Cardano lost 0.13% to $0.3172.
  • DOGE rose 0.16% to $0.1009.
  • Polkadot currency increased by 0.02% to $5.48.

American jobs revive digital currencies

The US Federal Reserve may have to raise interest rates again, which will result in higher investment returns in cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, which generate a large return in dollars, despite the high risk of rapid market fluctuations.

The strong US jobs data last November is an indication of the provision of new jobs and thus the rise in the volume of wages and liquidity in the markets, and then the rise in consumer demand, which leads to an increase in inflation rates, which is the opposite of the desired goal by the US Federal Reserve, which is to achieve an inflation rate at a level 2%, compared to 8% to 7% during the last period and based on the above

Goldman Sachs venture plan

Goldman Sachs plans to spend tens of millions of dollars to buy or invest in crypto companies after the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX sapped valuations and sapped investor interest.

Matthew McDermott, head of digital assets at Goldman, told Reuters that the collapse of FTX has led to an increased need for reliable and regulated companies in the field of cryptocurrencies, adding that large banks see an opportunity to capture this business, adding that Goldman is conducting technical due diligence assessments of a number of companies. of crypto companies but did not give any details.

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