The moment the Bitcoin promotion gang was caught in Giza (video)

The most prominent video issued by the Media and Relations Sector of the Ministry of Interior, the moment of the arrest of a gang accused of promoting virtual currencies Bitcoin, in continuation of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to combat crime in all its forms, especially the crimes of “virtual” encrypted digital currencies because of their negative effects on the country’s national economy.

The information and investigations of the General Department for Combating Public Funds Crimes in the Anti-Public Funds Crimes and Organized Crime sector confirmed that two persons residing in Giza governorate were specialized in buying and selling virtual currencies and the devices used in their creation, and renting a shop in the Agouza area in Giza, claiming that they sold computer supplies and that it was a cover for their criminal activity in storing and marketing. The equipment and devices needed to create digital currencies.. They rented an apartment in the Boulaq El-Dakrour Police Department in Giza, and used it as a headquarters to put computers and operate them as a mining farm to create encrypted virtual currencies for resale to citizens, and to equip the apartment with cooling devices and electrical connections to steal electricity.

After codifying the procedures, it was possible to arrest the suspects when they were in the Agouza Police Department in Giza, and by searching the aforementioned store, (3 computers – a “laptop” device used in the mining of virtual currencies – 10 pieces of a graphics card used as a component of the mining network – phones carried different brands – a sum of money from the proceeds of their criminal activity).

By searching the apartment in the Boulaq El-Dakrour Police Department, it was found that there are three rooms equipped as mining farms for virtual currencies, and inside them were found 3 large-sized electronic platforms containing 45 screen cards used to increase the capacity of mining and the creation of digital currencies – 10 electric power supplies for mining devices – a computer with its contents – 10 electric cooling devices) in addition to a number of electrical connections to illegally connect and connect the components of the mining network to the public electric current, given the need for these devices for large electric capacities of the electric current and their evasion from paying the financial sums owed to the state for the consumption of electric current.

By examining the seized devices with the knowledge of the Technical Research Department in the administration, it was found that there is a (a financial wallet with a platform containing 40 thousand US dollars in the account of one of the accused – in addition to several financial portfolios on virtual currency trading platforms with a value of 60 thousand US dollars from the proceeds of their criminal activity in mining these currencies – the computer containing on mining programs – as well as text chats on social media that confirm their criminal activity).

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