The Ministry of the Interior seizes cases of tax evasion of 2 billion pounds within a week

Saturday 25/June/2022 – 03:49 PM

Ministry agencies continued interior At the level of the Republic, directing security campaigns in coordination with the Central Security Sector, to confront acts of bullying, apprehend outlaws, and holders of firearms and white goods, tighten security control, and intensify efforts to combat corruption crimes in all its forms and manifestations, which will positively affect the national economy and preserve public money.

Within a week, the efforts of the Ministry of Interior’s agencies in tax evasion cases resulted in the seizure of 1,319 cases, including general taxes, value-added taxes, customs, protection of recovered state funds and property, evasion of real estate taxes and amusement parks – execution of judgments – a debt investigation, with sums of money amounting to 2,313, 601,131 billion pounds, the value of hidden financial transactions that the financiers did not notify the tax authority about, and they are being technically examined by the authority to collect the taxes owed on them.

The value of the amounts paid to the state’s public treasury amounted to 6,857,786 million pounds, and the necessary legal measures have been taken, and the Ministry of Interior’s agencies continue to direct the magnifying security campaigns to control all forms of lawlessness.

On the other hand, the Ministry of interior From the arrest of a person in Cairo for mining virtual currencies Bitcoin, this comes as a continuation of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to combat crime in all its forms.

Information and investigations by the security services at the Cairo Security Directorate confirmed that a person residing in the Raml Police Department in Alexandria had engaged in an illegal activity in the field of mining encrypted virtual currencies, Bitcoin, and had taken it from one of the apartments located in the Ain Shams Police Department in Cairo as a scene for his criminal activity.

After codifying the procedures, he was seized, and in possession of a cryptocurrency mining device consisting of 6 graphics cards – 3 mobile phones, one of whom is equipped with a program that is an electronic wallet used to convert cryptocurrencies into cash. The seized device is in his possession, and that mobile phones and the programs they contain are used to sell and trade cryptocurrencies and convert them into cash.

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