The dollar achieves the highest profits in currencies with the beginning of trading in the American period


With the beginning of the American trading period, the profits of the major currencies came in the . market Forex Today, Wednesday, prominent and limited to four major currencies, their profits ranged between 1.45% to 3.76% approximately.

Included List of winning coins For the day, four major currencies, started with the currency master, the US dollar, which recovered strongly, followed by a small difference in the gains of the euro, which was followed by the pound sterling and finally the Swiss franc, which ended with the profits of the foreign exchange market for the day.

The coin master ranks first

stand out U.S. dollar It fell out of the rest of the currencies, to occupy the first place on the list of gainers today, with the strong dollar recovering, in anticipation of more monetary policy decisions by the US Federal Reserve next September, to raise the dollar’s gains against other major currencies, amounting to approximately 3.76%.

Data has been released US retail sales Minutes ago, it was mixed during last July, as the US retail sales index recorded stability at zero levels last July, which is less than the market expectations that the index will grow by 0.1%, while the last reading of the index witnessed a growth of 1.0% during last June, It was revised lower to 0.8%.

At the same time, traders are waiting Forex market Especially those interested in the US dollar, the release of the minutes of the US Federal Reserve meeting this evening at 6:00 pm GMT.

The single European currency is making strong gains

followed by the US dollar, euro With a small difference in profits, the Euro gained about 3.56% against the other currencies, despite the release of some negative Eurozone data yesterday, but it has little impact on the European currency.

The pound sterling is strengthening in today’s trading

came Sterling pound The third gainer today, posting a remarkable gain of 2.55% against the other major currencies, benefiting from expectations of monetary tightening and the Bank of England raising interest rates at its meetings for the rest of the year.

On the other hand, traders are waiting foreign exchange market And those interested in the sterling, the release of retail sales data within the UK tomorrow, which will clearly affect the performance of the sterling.

The Swiss Franc is the last winner

In fourth and final place, he came Swiss franc With a strong percentage of gains, reinforced by weak relative risk appetite as one of the most important safe-haven currencies, to increase its profits and reach approximately 1.45%, while the currency markets are awaiting the release of the trade balance data in Switzerland tomorrow early Thursday morning.


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