The Anti-Economic Crimes Authority is looking to cooperate with the BINANCE digital currency platform

The Economic Crimes Department of the General Department of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security, in coordination with the Economic Development Board, held a meeting with representatives of the “BINANCE” platform specialized in digital currency trading, within the framework of the development and modernization strategy in force in the Ministry of Interior, under the guidance and support of the Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen. The first is Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, and follow-up from the Chief of Public Security, Lieutenant General Tariq Al-Hassan.

During the meeting, a number of different training programs that the platform could provide for training employees of the administration on this type of modern economic and financial activities that have spread recently around the world were discussed. These programs included training on trading operations and methods of monitoring them through the platform and the possibility of benefiting from analysis data and statistics that and the various working mechanisms of digital currency trading platforms.

The meeting comes within the framework of the training plans and programs pursued by the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security, in coordination with a number of economic activities and specialized training centers in the Kingdom, in order to qualify and educate its employees to carry out their tasks efficiently and professionally in combating various economic crimes and protecting society from them.


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