“November 2022” is a nightmare haunting digital currencies, and the worst is yet to come

Since last May, the red color has dominated digital currency trading platforms, and losses have continued to haunt the market until the current month of November, turning into a terrifying nightmare that haunts investors after a wave of collapses and bankruptcies, but despite this stormy wave of Losses Projections indicate that the worst is yet … Read more

Urgent: Cryptocurrency is taking off strong, when do you know the worst is over?

Digital currency Bitcoin hovered above $24,000 on Friday, reaching a 6-week high, with US stocks continuing to rally strongly, and today’s rally came on the back of better-than-expected earnings from Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). The digital currency recorded a level of 24,412 dollars today, and then fell somewhat towards 24 thousand dollars. The crypto rally follows the … Read more

The New Zealand dollar was the worst affected in the currency market

coins Five of the eight major currencies suffered major losses on Wednesday. At the beginning of the American session of the global currency market. The New Zealand dollar came at the forefront of the losing currencies today, and the US dollar came in second place in terms of the size of its losses in the … Read more

Surprises are on the way, the hike has been priced, and the worst is yet to come..How do you trade before and during a conference?

The markets price a 99% hike in the US interest rate today, but surprises remain, making sure that in addition to the record bond yield, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the camel here is the currencies of Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. The American economy is not in its … Read more