The names of the most widely circulated currencies in the world.. the riyal and the dinar in non-Arab countries

The US dollar is still the most widely used currency market (Getty) Dozens of currencies are used by countries all over the world, the names of some of them may be similar in several countries, but the value of each differs from the other. value difference. In this report, we review the most prominent currencies … Read more

Erekat: About 200 million people trade cryptocurrencies in the world

The largest cryptocurrency trading companies declared bankruptcy as a result of wrong investments Muhannad Erekat, chief analyst at CFI, said on Wednesday that there are about 200 million people in the world trading digital currencies. He added to the country’s pulse program, which is broadcast on the “Roya” screen, that digital currencies are moving towards … Read more

Urgent: Saudi Arabia storms the world of digital assets with this decision By

© Reuters – It appears that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has launched into many new economic fields and sectors with the aim of creating more economic diversification for the Kingdom, is about to break into the virtual assets sector. According to a report published by Bloomberg Agency and carried by local newspapers … Read more

Investing in Ethereum… Why is the world heading towards it with all the force

In light of the wide spread of digital currencies and a great demand by investors, especially after the popularity of Bitcoin as a digital currency, however, Ethereum, which has spread in the past few days. Ethereum is not just a currency but a complete system and software platform that acts as a decentralized internet and … Read more