“Al-Fakkah Trade” is the magic solution to the transportation quarrel in Khartoum

Whoever sets foot in the transportation stops in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, which transports passengers to its various suburbs, will notice the spread of coins stacked on tables and others furnished on old pieces of cloth, in addition to voices calling on passers-by, specifically drivers of public vehicles to exchange banknotes of large denominations for … Read more

Gulf stocks begin the new year with gains, and the Egyptian index shines by Reuters

© Reuters. A screen displays shares on the Saudi Stock Exchange in Riyadh, in a photo from the Reuters archive. (Reuters) – Most of the major stock indices in the Gulf states made a good start to the year 2023 on Monday, and the index led the gains of the region’s stock exchanges, as investors … Read more

Competition between stocks, real estate, and gold… Where will Asian investments go after the bankruptcy of FTX?

The bankruptcy of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has sent anxiety and panic into the cryptocurrency investment markets.And investment institutions around the world are asking questions about the future directions of capital, specifically those that have been accustomed to investing in cryptocurrencies in recent years, and how they can reposition themselves in the markets in the next … Read more

“November 2022” is a nightmare haunting digital currencies, and the worst is yet to come

Since last May, the red color has dominated digital currency trading platforms, and losses have continued to haunt the market until the current month of November, turning into a terrifying nightmare that haunts investors after a wave of collapses and bankruptcies, but despite this stormy wave of Losses Projections indicate that the worst is yet … Read more

Urgent: A violent fall for the dollar… and gold climbs $ 1729 and the Dow Jones adds 630 points and stocks are flying By Investing.com

© Reuters Investing.com – Not since Jackson Hole have markets been as suspicious of the Fed’s intent as they are now, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies are galloping up with reassurance that the Fed will ease its aggressive monetary policy soon, to avoid an even bigger meltdown. in the markets. Voices called for the Federal Reserve … Read more

Urgent: Officially.. the pound loses 10 piasters in 72 hours. What happened to gold and stocks? by Investing.com

© Reuters. Investing.com – The pound has fallen over the past three days by about 10 piasters in one go, falling to levels of 19.3884 pounds to the dollar, according to data from the Central Bank of Egypt on Sunday. Today, Sunday, the Egyptian pound lost 3 new piasters, while last Thursday it lost 4 … Read more

Urgent: A sharp fall in European stocks… The series of Euro defeats will not stop despite the gains By Investing.com

© Reuters. Investing.com – The US currency pair continued to rally, weighed down by last week’s events, as investors reacted to comments from the Jackson Hole seminar. Jerome Powell reiterated in his speech that there will be some pain for both investors and consumers as he continues to fight rising inflation by raising interest rates. … Read more

The Egyptian pound is wrestling with the US dollar, and these are the end scenarios

An endless struggle between the Egyptian pound and the US dollar, despite the loss of the first against the second of more than 20% of its value over the course of about eight months. However, the green currency was not satisfied with its gains while the Egyptian currency resisted without a protective shield , after … Read more

“Green” covers cryptocurrency platforms

After a series of losses, the green color returned to the cryptocurrency platforms, pushing “Bitcoin” to the highest level of $ 20 thousand, with good rises in the rest of the currencies that are currently being traded, and the steady increase in US interest rates caused investor appetite to rise Towards long-term bonds, and reluctance … Read more