Gold: China’s weapon to eliminate the hegemony of the dollar internationally.. from the gate of Saudi Arabia

In light of the East axis, led by China and Russia, striving to eliminate the dominance of the dollar in international financial transactions and their intention to weaken it from time to time, gold will be a decisive factor for China in this regard, as it looks to enhance the international credibility of the yuan … Read more

“Al-Fakkah Trade” is the magic solution to the transportation quarrel in Khartoum

Whoever sets foot in the transportation stops in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, which transports passengers to its various suburbs, will notice the spread of coins stacked on tables and others furnished on old pieces of cloth, in addition to voices calling on passers-by, specifically drivers of public vehicles to exchange banknotes of large denominations for … Read more

The price of the Saudi riyal today, Thursday, December 29, 2022, in Egyptian banks

The price of the Saudi riyal stabilized today, Thursday, December 29, 2022, in Egyptian banks and various exchange companies, with the start of daily transactions in the money market, as the price of the Saudi riyal has been stable at the same price since the beginning of this week, with the stability of demand rates … Read more

“November 2022” is a nightmare haunting digital currencies, and the worst is yet to come

Since last May, the red color has dominated digital currency trading platforms, and losses have continued to haunt the market until the current month of November, turning into a terrifying nightmare that haunts investors after a wave of collapses and bankruptcies, but despite this stormy wave of Losses Projections indicate that the worst is yet … Read more

Urgent: News of Saudi support for Turkey with 5 billion dollars

Saudi Arabia It seems that the Turkish central bank is about to receive an emergency support package from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which, according to international news agencies, amounts to $5 billion. A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are discussing Riyadh’s deposit of $5 … Read more

After retreating against the pound, the price of the Saudi riyal against Arab and international currencies, Saturday, November 5 – the week

The price of the Saudi riyal against the Egyptian pound recorded a decrease of “0.1014” points, by “-1.58%” during the currency trading sessions today, Saturday, November 5, 2022, to reach a price equivalent to 6.3375 pounds, compared to the previous opening price of 6.4389 pounds. Saudi riyal against UAE dirham The average price of the … Read more

Urgent: Saudi Sovereign Achieves Record Profits Thanks to Crown Prince’s Ambition By

© Reuters – Successes continue thanks to the ambitious vision of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, especially after the Saudi sovereign fund achieved record profits. The Public Investment Fund achieved profits of 85.7 billion riyals during the year 2021, compared to profits of 76.1 billion riyals for the year 2020, through continuous operations. … Read more

Urgent: 3 Saudi shares are rising like a missile

While traders around the world await the US Federal Reserve’s decision regarding interest rates, the general index of the Saudi market, Tadawul, succeeded in breaking the violent decline that lasted for 4 sessions. It is noteworthy that at the end of trading on Monday, the losses of the general index of the Saudi Tadawul market … Read more

Urgent: Saudi Arabia storms the world of digital assets with this decision By

© Reuters – It appears that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has launched into many new economic fields and sectors with the aim of creating more economic diversification for the Kingdom, is about to break into the virtual assets sector. According to a report published by Bloomberg Agency and carried by local newspapers … Read more

The Egyptian pound is wrestling with the US dollar, and these are the end scenarios

An endless struggle between the Egyptian pound and the US dollar, despite the loss of the first against the second of more than 20% of its value over the course of about eight months. However, the green currency was not satisfied with its gains while the Egyptian currency resisted without a protective shield , after … Read more