Gold or real estate or cryptocurrencies.. American experts’ advice for the best safe investments

In light of the global economic conditions, with fears of a possible global recession and the continued raising of interest rates in many countries to fight inflation, it is difficult for investors to make their choices about the best investment mechanisms available. Therefore, investors resort to diversifying their investments and using financial advisors, to identify … Read more

How to choose a safe and reliable CFD trading platform?

Contracts for Difference, or CFD trading, is CFDs It is one of the most complex types of financial assets that are traded through different trading platforms and companies, and because of this, many unlicensed platforms and companies have appeared that present themselves as reliable trading companies, but unfortunately they have exposed many traders to huge … Read more

Safe trading opportunities on currencies, gold, oil and indices |

Between the US interest rate decision that was issued and the expected British interest rate decision, the markets may move with some violence, but many trading opportunities seem available and some of them are safe by following the technical conditions for entry, and these opportunities are distributed among currency pairs, indices, oil, silver and gold, … Read more