Cathy Wood is investing heavily in Coinbase and Tesla and expects Bitcoin to rise to this level!

bitcoin Popular investor Cathy Wood, CEO of Ark Investments, added another 74,792 shares of the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase to the company’s investment portfolio, and also added 99,523 shares of the American electric car maker Tesla, over the weeks. the past few years, which pushed stocks to rise despite the degree of uncertainty in global … Read more

Urgent: Dow Jones and Nasdaq rise, the lira falls against the euro, and the ruble rises against the dollar By

© Reuters – Markets continue to rally today after yesterday’s positive inflation data paved the way for a shift in US monetary policy. It is an event that will turn from prediction to reality within hours, with the issuance of the Federal Reserve’s decision and expectations for interest in 2023, and then the exit … Read more

Reasons for the rise of the US dollar before important inflation data! by Arab Trader

© Reuters Reasons for the rise of the US dollar before the important inflation data! – Achieve dollar The US dollar witnessed a clear increase with the passage of trading today, Monday, especially with the anticipation of the issuance of some economic data, on top of which are inflation data and the US Federal … Read more

What are the reasons for the rise in the dollar after the release of inflation expectations?

U.S. dollar Pointer saw dollar A significant increase during trading today, Friday, especially after the issuance of some economic data, on top of which is the issuance of inflation expectations. The following are the most important influences on the dollar’s ​​movements: Positive economic data increases pressure on the dollar The US dollar found strong support … Read more

Urgent: A collective rise of indices and gold..the dollar loses 2% and to 108..and the Fed declares! by

© Reuters – The American lost 2.04% of its value to 108.22 against a basket of foreign currencies, on the other hand US indices, digital currencies, the euro, emerging currencies and gold rose. This came after positive inflation data revealed a slowdown in inflation, giving the Fed an opportunity to slow down its tightening … Read more

Ethereum records a strong rise and records its highest level in a month and a half!

Ethereum registered worked Ethereum digital Ethereum A strong rise, close to 10%, during today’s trading, and recorded its highest level in about a month and a half, near the level of 1500 dollars, due to the increased demand for the digital currency, so that Ethereum maintains its position in the ranking of the most famous … Read more

Urgent: The rumor leads the American market to another rise.. Gold is falling and the dollar is below 112 By

© Reuters – Markets remain optimistic about the Fed after Friday’s Wall Street Journal article indicating the Fed’s intention to raise rates by only 50 basis points at the December meeting, which came in conjunction with dovish comments from the Fed member. , Mary Daly, who stated that the Fed will not continue to … Read more

Urgent: Morgan Stanley.. Dollar’s Rise Will End in Disaster By

© Reuters. – Amid a bout of very strong gains that has pushed the main dollar index to its highest levels since February 2002, Morgan Stanley (NYSE:) is warning that the dollar’s strong rally ends in a major crisis. “The recent rally in the US dollar has created an unsustainable situation for risky assets … Read more

Expectations of a continuous rise in the dollar next year for these reasons! by Arab Trader

Expectations of a continuous rise in the dollar next year for these reasons! – Experts at Rabobank expected that the US dollar’s rise will continue in the coming year, although it is currently trading at its highest level in several decades near 110.80 points. The experts at the bank added that the dollar’s ​​strength … Read more

Urgent: A sudden rise in cryptocurrencies after a harsh week… and accusations of a “criminal entity” By – The market has plunged into a violent wave of losses throughout the week since Jerome Powell spoke last Friday about the continuation of the Fed’s hawkish policy, which pushed the drop below $20,000 levels, but the market is trying to recover today to witness a collective rally for most currencies. The decline of … Read more