Economic researcher: The recession will not last long.. This is the fate of the currency market and Bitcoin in 2024

Kuwaiti economic researcher, Abdul Rahman Al-Enezi, said that the metavirus is the future, and that the world will witness a significant rise in bitcoin starting in 2024. Al-Enezi indicated that he conducted many studies and research in the world of currency trading during the last period, the result of which was that there is a … Read more

Urgent: A cryptocurrency less than a cent sweeps the market.. while recession grips By – A slump grips the cryptocurrency market with the largest cryptocurrency Ethereum and Ethereum near resistance levels that it fails to overcome amid fluctuating risk appetite. One of the cheap digital currencies is launched to rise with more force than the 100 largest digital currencies by market value. It recorded remarkable daily and weekly … Read more

Weak Euro.. What does this mean for European consumers? | DW | 12.07.2022

The euro has received heavy blows against the US currency since Russia’s invasion of UkraineThe European currency fell to a 20-year low as rising gas prices and uncertainty over Russian energy supplies raised recession fears in the euro zone. The common European currency traded as low as around $1.0007 on Tuesday (July 12, 2022), which … Read more