Is it too late to buy Litecoin? Crypto experts give their predictions about LTC

Litecoin-LTC price stagnated, maintaining relative stability during the past 24 hours, despite the rise in the currency during the month of November. Some experts believe that LTC may have bottomed out and is poised to reclaim the $70 price, or it may go beyond that to $100. The competition is currently raging between “bulls” and … Read more

Dogecoin price predictions, with its trading volume rising to $900 million

It seems that Dogecoin-DOGE price expectations are generally positive, as the price exceeded the $0.0720 level and is currently trading at $0.0810, however, the downward-sloping resistance line as well as the 50-day moving average are hindering the Dogecoin price from recording higher values ​​on its chart. graphic. Elon Musk: The main supporter of DOGE It … Read more

Luna coin price predictions after trading volume increased by $100 million

Indicators still indicate a decline in the price of Terra Luna Classic-LUNC in the current period, but buyers still hope that this reality will change and that the price of Luna Classic will rise above the value of $0.000169, which represents a point from an extended support level in an ascending manner. The cryptocurrency market … Read more