The Central Bank devalues ​​the pound, but… Egypt is about to face a currency crisis soon!

Egyptian Pound In a research note issued yesterday, Wednesday, experts at Nomura Bank said that some emerging economies’ currencies are facing a serious currency crisis, and on top of these emerging economies exposed to this crisis are Egypt Experts believe that Egypt is the country most vulnerable to a currency crisis among emerging markets during … Read more

After retreating against the pound, the price of the Saudi riyal against Arab and international currencies, Saturday, November 5 – the week

The price of the Saudi riyal against the Egyptian pound recorded a decrease of “0.1014” points, by “-1.58%” during the currency trading sessions today, Saturday, November 5, 2022, to reach a price equivalent to 6.3375 pounds, compared to the previous opening price of 6.4389 pounds. Saudi riyal against UAE dirham The average price of the … Read more

The price of the Turkish lira against the Egyptian pound today, Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The price of the Turkish lira fell against the Egyptian pound today, Wednesday, October 5, 2022, during daily transactions in the money market, as the price of the Turkish lira came today at 1.0590 Egyptian pounds, compared to 1.0595 Egyptian pounds yesterday, Tuesday, to return the price of the lira to fluctuation between rise and … Read more

Urgent: Officially.. the pound loses 10 piasters in 72 hours. What happened to gold and stocks? by

© Reuters. – The pound has fallen over the past three days by about 10 piasters in one go, falling to levels of 19.3884 pounds to the dollar, according to data from the Central Bank of Egypt on Sunday. Today, Sunday, the Egyptian pound lost 3 new piasters, while last Thursday it lost 4 … Read more

The Egyptian pound is wrestling with the US dollar, and these are the end scenarios

An endless struggle between the Egyptian pound and the US dollar, despite the loss of the first against the second of more than 20% of its value over the course of about eight months. However, the green currency was not satisfied with its gains while the Egyptian currency resisted without a protective shield , after … Read more

The Egyptian pound recorded its lowest level against the dollar in about 5 years

The Egyptian pound fell against the US dollar during this week’s trading, bringing the Egyptian pound to its lowest level in nearly five years, after the dollar approached the 19 Egyptian pound barrier. Cairo is witnessing a huge economic crisis, as it faces a shortage of hard currency since the beginning of this year, especially … Read more

Urgent: The Egyptian pound suddenly drops after two weeks of cohesion

The exchange rates of the US dollar rose suddenly during trading today, Tuesday, after more than two weeks of stability in the exchange rates of the US currency in the Egyptian market. According to the data of the largest national Egyptian banks, the National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr, the exchange rate rose to … Read more

Urgent: Promising news after the visit of the Emir of Qatar.. Will it be reflected in the pound? by

© Reuters. – The Egyptian Finance Minister said a short while ago that negotiations are underway between the two sides and Qatar regarding pumping investments of up to $3 billion into the Egyptian market. The statements of Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maait come less than two days after the visit of the Emir of … Read more

Urgent: The Egyptian Stock Exchange fell to the bottom of two years… and the pound succeeded in coherence

While the Egyptian pound is awaiting, during these moments of trading today, Monday, the expected meeting of the Egyptian Central Bank next Thursday, July 23, where the Egyptian Bank intends to issue an interest decision. The Egyptian Stock Exchange continued to bleed points to deepen its decline below the historical support levels at 10 thousand … Read more

Urgent: The Egyptian pound is stable before interest explodes.. the discount hours

All expectations headed towards one irreplaceable path, for the Central Bank of Egypt to take a decision today to increase interest rates by 200 points. The Central Bank of Egypt is facing a real dilemma, as the foreign reserves that the CBE considers unholy, and the depreciation of the local currency coincided with a remarkable … Read more