Spanish Barcelona signs a partnership agreement with a digital currency platform

Digital currencies The Spanish club Barcelona said in an official announcement on its website that it had signed an agreement with Menasa Digital currencies WhiteBIT, as this platform will be the official cryptocurrency trading partner of the team until June 2025. Spain issues a serious warning to cryptocurrency investors The famous club went on to … Read more

The Anti-Economic Crimes Authority is looking to cooperate with the BINANCE digital currency platform

The Economic Crimes Department of the General Department of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security, in coordination with the Economic Development Board, held a meeting with representatives of the “BINANCE” platform specialized in digital currency trading, within the framework of the development and modernization strategy in force in the Ministry of Interior, under the guidance … Read more

Urgent Announcing the suspension of two popular cryptocurrencies on the Binance trading platform

Urgent Announcing the suspension of two popular cryptocurrencies on the Binance trading platform In a statement released by cryptocurrency exchange Binance today, it was mentioned that two popular cryptocurrencies have been suspended. As translated by “Turkey Urgent”, the decline in cryptocurrency exchanges in recent months cannot be prevented. Undoubtedly, the bankruptcy of world-famous exchanges such … Read more

Hacking a famous digital currency platform and stealing millions of dollars!

Cryptocurrency Yesterday, Thursday, news reports said, citing the platform Deribit for trading Cryptocurrency That she was subjected to a hacking operation that led to the theft of her hot wallet and a loss of about 28 million dollars, adding that despite the hacking of the platform, the clients’ funds are safe and that the platform … Read more

Binance platform intends to include a new currency, so what are the details?

Binance Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it is preparing to list a new cryptocurrency project through the Aptos Currency Project or AP For trading, the platform is scheduled to list APT for trading tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19. Binance indicated that the APT cryptocurrency will be available for trading against Bitcoin, … Read more

How to choose a safe and reliable CFD trading platform?

Contracts for Difference, or CFD trading, is CFDs It is one of the most complex types of financial assets that are traded through different trading platforms and companies, and because of this, many unlicensed platforms and companies have appeared that present themselves as reliable trading companies, but unfortunately they have exposed many traders to huge … Read more

“The United” launches a platform for trading foreign currencies electronically

As part of its plan to achieve the digital transformation process by increasing reliance on innovative financial technology in the bank’s business models, Ahli United Bank announced the launch of an internal platform for electronic foreign exchange trading by treasury employees, which is a qualitative step that will enhance, automate and standardize the bank’s foreign … Read more

Alex Bank launches the first electronic platform for forex trading in Egypt

Bank of Alexandria Share Alex Bank, in cooperation with Refinitiv, one of the companies of the London Stock Exchange Group, announced the launch of the first electronic forex trading platform for companies in Egypt, as the first bank in Egypt to adopt the company’s solutions for electronic trading, in the context … Read more

Is the Binance platform approved in Saudi Arabia

Is the Binance platform approved in Saudi Arabia? This platform is considered one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms that has won the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers despite the presence of many competing trading platforms. Saudi Binance platform The Binance platform is one of the largest online cryptocurrency trading platforms, and … Read more

OlympTrade: A platform that helps traders make informed decisions

How Olymp Trade helps traders find the right trading style for them. One of the key components of a successful trading style is the information that supports the decisions of each trade. There are many trading modes and many forex trading strategies and tools to deal with each of them, which means that each individual … Read more