The Central Bank of Ethiopia imposes new restrictions on the movement of foreign exchange and local currency trading

The Central Bank of Ethiopia imposed new restrictions on trading foreign currencies in the Ethiopian local markets, as of Monday, and they are applied to citizens and foreign residents and visitors to the country. The bank stated that the addressees of these new operations will be prohibited from carrying more than 3,000 Ethiopian birr upon … Read more

Positive movement in the exchange market to absorb the effects of the global crisis

The return of foreign investment, the increase in dollar resources, and the launch of derivatives contracts The Central Bank of Egypt announced that banks operating in the Egyptian market are promoting financial derivatives operations, “hedging contracts” in the exchange market, as part of a package of measures taken by the Central Bank to achieve balance … Read more

Urgent: Shocking statements from the Federal Reserve drive the market movement

Wall Street Negativity dominated the main indices of the US market at the opening, especially after the statements of the Fed’s member Bullard, which did not come to the liking of the markets, which expect the Fed to retreat from the aggressive monetary tightening policy. The dollar and the euro The US dollar index is … Read more

When will Bitcoin lead the recovery movement in global markets?

Bitcoin Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has stated that Bitcoin will help markets recover from higher US interest rates. He added that Bitcoin will lead the markets out of this Fed rally. And that the uncertainty about the decisions of the US Federal Reserve will lead to the spread of Bitcoin to the north. Notably, … Read more

Urgent: A currency that rose 150000000% fell to a new zero.. despite the movement of whales By

© Reuters – Overnight the cryptocurrency that has filled the hype and hype about being the Coin Killer of billionaire Elon Musk fell, and despite the catalysts and whale moves surrounding the coin, it recently failed after adding a new zero to its value. The Shiba Inu currency was not spared a wave of … Read more