Urgent: The Fed is commenting on the data… the markets are in a sudden turnaround, and gold is now stronger by Investing.com

© Reuters. Investing.com – It was issued to confirm expectations that inflation is declining, read after read, which made the majority of investors tend to expect the Fed to raise only 25 basis points at the February meeting, which was confirmed by the Wall Street Journal in a report on interest and inflation. Data also … Read more

Urgent – Critical week: Markets are waiting for the most important Fed report… and speculation of the end of the dollar’s strength. By Investing.com

© Reuters Written by Noreen Burke Investing.com – On Wednesday, the market awaited minutes from the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting in a shorter-than-usual holiday trading week, and investors looked for any signs of a slowing in the pace of rate hikes. In the US, the most important week for shopping begins, and it will be … Read more

Urgent: This is how the markets reacted to the Fed’s decision..Oil, gold, crypto and bonds By Investing.com

© Reuters Investing.com – The Fed announced its decision to raise interest rates by 75 basis points, but the committee’s report indicated that the Fed was following a slower pace in raising interest rates and that it will take into account the effects of its decisions on the US economy and its growth. and silver … Read more

Markets Are Burning.. The Strength of the Dollar, Bonds and Interest Pricing Confuses Everyone By Investing.com

© Investing.com Investing.com – Stocks, flames and oil escaped the dollar hammer and the bond anvil during trading last week, even as oil joined the rally of advancers, but fears of dollar bullying and Fed surprises still cast a gloomy shadow over the markets. Things are getting heated up and uncertainty is deepening, as US … Read more

LUNA surprised the currency markets and rose more than 200%

LUNA The digital currency LUNA surprised the cryptocurrency markets and rose strongly to exceed the 200% increase during today’s trading, which indicates the strong demand for the Luna currency. During trading, LUNA increased by 212.16% and recorded about $6.02, with a daily trading volume of the Luna sign by $3,170,991,094, bringing the capital value of … Read more

Urgent: An earthquake ravages the markets .. The dollar crushes everyone and exceeds the top of 20 years

The US markets started trading on Thursday, the first session of the month of September, with collective declines to complete the wave of decline that erupted in the stock market since last Friday, following the statements of the Federal Reserve Chairman in Jackson Hole. The decline in US stocks came with a violent downward wave … Read more

Indonesian e-commerce giant buys local cryptocurrency exchange for $8 million

TAM Shams – Tuesday, August 30, 2022 05:41 PM – Indonesian tech firm BT Goto Gojik Tokopedia TBK (Goto) has bought BT Crypto Maxima Coin, a local cryptocurrency exchange, in a bid to diversify its assets. The deal marks a milestone in the integration of mainstream and cryptocurrency into the world’s fourth most populous country. … Read more

Turkish central bank surprises markets and cuts interest rates

The Central Bank of Turkey returned to the stimulus fiscal policy, as the bank suddenly decided the benchmark interest rate by about 1 percent 100 basis points to stabilize the interest rate in the country at 13% This is after a series of interest rate stabilization that lasted for eleven months, including seven meetings of … Read more

When will Bitcoin lead the recovery movement in global markets?

Bitcoin Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has stated that Bitcoin will help markets recover from higher US interest rates. He added that Bitcoin will lead the markets out of this Fed rally. And that the uncertainty about the decisions of the US Federal Reserve will lead to the spread of Bitcoin to the north. Notably, … Read more