Positive movement in the exchange market to absorb the effects of the global crisis

The return of foreign investment, the increase in dollar resources, and the launch of derivatives contracts The Central Bank of Egypt announced that banks operating in the Egyptian market are promoting financial derivatives operations, “hedging contracts” in the exchange market, as part of a package of measures taken by the Central Bank to achieve balance … Read more

Urgent: Shocking statements from the Federal Reserve drive the market movement

Wall Street Negativity dominated the main indices of the US market at the opening, especially after the statements of the Fed’s member Bullard, which did not come to the liking of the markets, which expect the Fed to retreat from the aggressive monetary tightening policy. The dollar and the euro The US dollar index is … Read more

Economic researcher: The recession will not last long.. This is the fate of the currency market and Bitcoin in 2024

Kuwaiti economic researcher, Abdul Rahman Al-Enezi, said that the metavirus is the future, and that the world will witness a significant rise in bitcoin starting in 2024. Al-Enezi indicated that he conducted many studies and research in the world of currency trading during the last period, the result of which was that there is a … Read more

Liquidation of weak currencies.. the bottom of the crypto market is yet to come! | Investing.com

The latest developments In light of the technical struggle between the most important global decentralized platforms, we see a significant decline in the price of the FTX platform, up to the moment of writing, to 16k, with a sharp decline for months, such as the FTX currency. Even some currencies have lost nearly 60% of … Read more

Urgent: The rumor leads the American market to another rise.. Gold is falling and the dollar is below 112 By Investing.com

© Reuters Investing.com – Markets remain optimistic about the Fed after Friday’s Wall Street Journal article indicating the Fed’s intention to raise rates by only 50 basis points at the December meeting, which came in conjunction with dovish comments from the Fed member. , Mary Daly, who stated that the Fed will not continue to … Read more

Urgent: A cryptocurrency less than a cent sweeps the market.. while recession grips By Investing.com

Investing.com – A slump grips the cryptocurrency market with the largest cryptocurrency Ethereum and Ethereum near resistance levels that it fails to overcome amid fluctuating risk appetite. One of the cheap digital currencies is launched to rise with more force than the 100 largest digital currencies by market value. It recorded remarkable daily and weekly … Read more

BREAKING: Bitcoin Rival Falls… Market Watching Throne Struggle By Investing.com

© Reuters Investing.com – As hype grows for a long-awaited network upgrade, traders are hoping for a smooth transition that could prove a successful transition of Ethereum to a Proof of Stake mechanism. However, there may be some issues that the ecosystem needs to take care of for the upgrade process to succeed, however, the … Read more

Cryptocurrency prices .. collective rise in the crypto market and Bitcoin rise 0.25%

Today, the prices of cryptocurrencies witnessed a collective rise, as Bitcoin recovered its previous losses, as well as the crypto market witnessed a significant rise. Cryptocurrency prices according to global stock exchange transactions The price of the “Bitcoin” currency, the largest and most famous digital currency in the cryptocurrency market, increased by 0.25%, to reach … Read more

The New Zealand dollar was the worst affected in the currency market

coins Five of the eight major currencies suffered major losses on Wednesday. At the beginning of the American session of the global currency market. The New Zealand dollar came at the forefront of the losing currencies today, and the US dollar came in second place in terms of the size of its losses in the … Read more