Big investors are back pouring money into bitcoin with BeInCrypto

© Reuters Big Investors are back pouring money into Bitcoin It seems that major investors have begun to return again to the cryptocurrency market, and this may have contributed to the positive performance of the price in January in the past ten years. This return came in light of the high hopes that the era … Read more

A lesson for currency investors: the challenge of economic attractiveness has its price

This spring, just after the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Washington Institute of International Finance made a bold and special prediction: the euro is about to weaken significantly and pull back from $1.11 as the region heads toward a current account deficit.Not many investors agreed with that. Data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission … Read more

Financial revolution and forex trading for individual investors

Gaza – Safa The financial sector has recently entered into several fundamental changes, since this sector entered the provision of services to individual investors, there has become a great competition between financial companies to provide tools and services to traders via the Internet, as this technological boom helped inject high liquidity into the financial markets, … Read more

Explanation of the most famous fraud methods in cryptocurrency | Al-Nahda News

There are a lot of fraud methods in the cryptocurrency field, as fraudsters are constantly innovating new methods. Being aware of scams is an important first step towards avoiding them completely. In this article, we have tried to highlight the most common methods. 1. blackmail Extortion is a well-known method used by fraudsters to threaten … Read more