The People’s Bank extends the trading hours of the yuan.. China intends to internationalize its currency

Friday 30/December/2022 – 07:37 PM China seeks to internationalize its currency, as it announced today, Friday, its intention to extend the trading hours of its currency in local transactions, as the government moves forward with plans to internationalize the currency. And the People’s Bank of China set the yuan trading period during local trading from … Read more

Binance platform intends to include a new currency, so what are the details?

Binance Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it is preparing to list a new cryptocurrency project through the Aptos Currency Project or AP For trading, the platform is scheduled to list APT for trading tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19. Binance indicated that the APT cryptocurrency will be available for trading against Bitcoin, … Read more

Coinbase intends to create a new digital token, and the reason is Ethereum

Ethereum Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange, revealed Thursday that it will give those who participate in Ethereum an ERC20 interest token called Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH (cbETH) to represent their Ethereum stake reward. Coinbase stops Ethereum withdrawals and deposits at this time! The platform noted that the main advantage here is that cbETH can be … Read more