For beginners, learn about the most important digital currency trading skills

Beginners and new investors in the field of cryptocurrencies need to know some techniques of trading these currencies in order to be able to make profits and reduce the risk of losses. Analytics Insight said that cryptocurrency trading is booming these days, as many investors storm this field, but beginners and new investors undoubtedly need … Read more

Reasons for the rise of the US dollar before important inflation data! by Arab Trader

© Reuters Reasons for the rise of the US dollar before the important inflation data! – Achieve dollar The US dollar witnessed a clear increase with the passage of trading today, Monday, especially with the anticipation of the issuance of some economic data, on top of which are inflation data and the US Federal … Read more

Urgent – Critical week: Markets are waiting for the most important Fed report… and speculation of the end of the dollar’s strength. By

© Reuters Written by Noreen Burke – On Wednesday, the market awaited minutes from the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting in a shorter-than-usual holiday trading week, and investors looked for any signs of a slowing in the pace of rate hikes. In the US, the most important week for shopping begins, and it will be … Read more

The 5 most important cryptocurrencies to watch this week… a mass sweep is coming

Cryptocurrency US jobs data on August 5th was above market expectations, indicating that inflation has not abated. The strong numbers reduce the likelihood that the US Federal Reserve will slow its sharp pace of rate hikes. According to CME Group data, after the release, the probability of a 75 basis point increase in September rose … Read more

Urgent: Positive data is not enough for the dollar to rise… and important statements from the Federal Reserve!

At a time when the dollar is falling after its unprecedented rise in 20 years, i.e. since 2002, after stocks rose last night and continued to rise to include Nasdaq, Dow Jones and S&P 500 futures today, retail data appears to be an additional indicator for investors about the strength of the US economy and … Read more

These digital currencies determine the path of the market.. Here are the important levels |

When the demand for BTC increased in the weekend’s trading, its price rose to $31,460. As the new week begins with sales again, BTC has lost 5 percent of its value since opening and is back in the 29,000 range. On the other hand, the largest altcoin – Ethereum (ETH) rose nearly 7% at the … Read more

4 gains made by Vladimir Putin from Ukraine, the most important of which are wheat | Citizen electronic newspaper

Vladimir Putin’s special military operation in Ukraine has entered its 81st day, and while Western reports of Russia’s losses in terms of soldiers and equipment abound, they have also spoken timidly about Moscow’s gains from Kyiv. Vladimir Putin gains from Ukraine The Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, reaped several gains from his own military operation in … Read more