The People’s Bank extends the trading hours of the yuan.. China intends to internationalize its currency

Friday 30/December/2022 – 07:37 PM China seeks to internationalize its currency, as it announced today, Friday, its intention to extend the trading hours of its currency in local transactions, as the government moves forward with plans to internationalize the currency. And the People’s Bank of China set the yuan trading period during local trading from … Read more

Urgent: Officially.. the pound loses 10 piasters in 72 hours. What happened to gold and stocks? by

© Reuters. – The pound has fallen over the past three days by about 10 piasters in one go, falling to levels of 19.3884 pounds to the dollar, according to data from the Central Bank of Egypt on Sunday. Today, Sunday, the Egyptian pound lost 3 new piasters, while last Thursday it lost 4 … Read more

Urgent: The Egyptian pound is stable before interest explodes.. the discount hours

All expectations headed towards one irreplaceable path, for the Central Bank of Egypt to take a decision today to increase interest rates by 200 points. The Central Bank of Egypt is facing a real dilemma, as the foreign reserves that the CBE considers unholy, and the depreciation of the local currency coincided with a remarkable … Read more