Ethereum records a strong rise and records its highest level in a month and a half!

Ethereum registered worked Ethereum digital Ethereum A strong rise, close to 10%, during today’s trading, and recorded its highest level in about a month and a half, near the level of 1500 dollars, due to the increased demand for the digital currency, so that Ethereum maintains its position in the ranking of the most famous … Read more

The dollar achieves the highest profits in currencies with the beginning of trading in the American period

coins With the beginning of the American trading period, the profits of the major currencies came in the . market Forex Today, Wednesday, prominent and limited to four major currencies, their profits ranged between 1.45% to 3.76% approximately. Included List of winning coins For the day, four major currencies, started with the currency master, the … Read more

Urgent: Gold is at its highest level in 6 weeks thanks to inflation.. and this is what stops the train

The gains of the safe haven expanded during these moments of trading, today, Tuesday, amid inflamed concerns about inflation data to be released tomorrow, Wednesday, for gold to succeed in adding more dollars to the price of an ounce. Tomorrow, financial markets are awaiting CPI data that will determine the Fed’s direction during the next … Read more