Officially.. Brazil approves the trading of encrypted electronic currencies with the encryption law

Brazil announced that it is in the process of approving dealing in encrypted electronic currencies, led by “Bitcoin” in its internal markets, by discussing the encryption law, which is being discussed by lawmakers in Parliament. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed the previously proposed encryption bill into law. The Brazilian parliament approved the draft encryption rules … Read more

Alex Bank launches the first electronic platform for forex trading in Egypt

Bank of Alexandria Share Alex Bank, in cooperation with Refinitiv, one of the companies of the London Stock Exchange Group, announced the launch of the first electronic forex trading platform for companies in Egypt, as the first bank in Egypt to adopt the company’s solutions for electronic trading, in the context … Read more

4 gains made by Vladimir Putin from Ukraine, the most important of which are wheat | Citizen electronic newspaper

Vladimir Putin’s special military operation in Ukraine has entered its 81st day, and while Western reports of Russia’s losses in terms of soldiers and equipment abound, they have also spoken timidly about Moscow’s gains from Kyiv. Vladimir Putin gains from Ukraine The Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, reaped several gains from his own military operation in … Read more