What are the reasons for the decline of the US dollar?

U.S. dollar index decreased dollar The US dollar clearly during today’s trading, Tuesday, in conjunction with the continued weakness of demand for the US currency, in light of the presence of some negative developments, which had a negative impact on the movements of the dollar in the markets, and the following are the most prominent … Read more

Urgent: The bloody decline is covering the American indices, and gold is losing nearly 2%! by Investing.com

Investing.com – The losses of US stocks continue to collapse and collapse in a new weekly round that begins today, after the collapse on Friday that followed the release of strong employment data, which lost 3.8% of its value, today to renew the pain of the American stock market with losses that painted all indicators … Read more

The Egyptian pound’s decline journey continues… Which is better, a sharp or a gradual decrease?

Cairo– No voice is louder than talking about the price of the dollar, the first thing that is needed in Egypt, with the increase in demand, the scarcity of supply, and the continued depreciation of the pound on a daily basis to new levels due to the impact of global and local crises on the … Read more

Reasons for the decline of digital currencies – Al-Ahram Gate

The cryptocurrency market is witnessing more turmoil at the beginning of September, as Bitcoin fell below $19,000 on September 7 and reached its lowest level in two months, and since then it has been trying to rise and stabilize above the $20,000 level, and Ethereum succumbed to selling pressure to decline To the $1,500 level, … Read more

The lowest level in 20 years… What does the euro’s decline against the dollar mean?

The euro traded against $0.9998 on Wednesday, a precedent since the beginning of trading in the European currency, before recording a new high, down by about 12 percent since the beginning of the year, the lowest level since 2002. Analysts and economists believe that the decline in the price of the euro against the dollar … Read more