Economics Professor: Digital currencies impose themselves and the phenomenon must be contained.. Video – The Seventh Day

Dr. Abdel Latif Darwish, professor of economics, said that the virtual world is evolving day after day, which means that digital currencies must be contained. Darwish added, during his appearance via Skype, on the “Matrouh for Discussion” program broadcast on the “Cairo News” channel, that dealing with digital currencies is primarily a psychological issue, … Read more

Urgent: The Philippines is escalating its campaign against digital currencies… after the recent crashes

In light of the escalating crises sweeping the digital currency market, regulators around the world are taking more escalatory measures against the crypto market due to its negative effects on the national economy, as assumed by some countries. The escalation campaign on the part of the regulators comes after a series of major failures in … Read more

National Bank: The law does not allow trading in foreign currencies outside the banking sector

Monday 26/December/2022 – 10:35 PM Hisham Okasha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bank, said that the Central Bank monitored illegal practices to manipulate and circumvent the withdrawal of foreign currencies from abroad, indicating that the withdrawal of 55 million dollars via credit cards abroad represents the size of a withdrawal traveled … Read more

Officially.. Brazil approves the trading of encrypted electronic currencies with the encryption law

Brazil announced that it is in the process of approving dealing in encrypted electronic currencies, led by “Bitcoin” in its internal markets, by discussing the encryption law, which is being discussed by lawmakers in Parliament. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed the previously proposed encryption bill into law. The Brazilian parliament approved the draft encryption rules … Read more

“November 2022” is a nightmare haunting digital currencies, and the worst is yet to come

Since last May, the red color has dominated digital currency trading platforms, and losses have continued to haunt the market until the current month of November, turning into a terrifying nightmare that haunts investors after a wave of collapses and bankruptcies, but despite this stormy wave of Losses Projections indicate that the worst is yet … Read more

Whales claim that these four currencies could grow 20-fold by 2023 – and here’s why

Investors are trying to protect themselves from the current cryptocurrency market crash. There are still opportunities to make money despite the fact that currency rates remain very volatile. In this article, we will discuss some of the cryptocurrencies that have caught the attention of traders and experts: Dash 2 Trade (D2T) The second phase has … Read more

Liquidation of weak currencies.. the bottom of the crypto market is yet to come! |

The latest developments In light of the technical struggle between the most important global decentralized platforms, we see a significant decline in the price of the FTX platform, up to the moment of writing, to 16k, with a sharp decline for months, such as the FTX currency. Even some currencies have lost nearly 60% of … Read more

After retreating against the pound, the price of the Saudi riyal against Arab and international currencies, Saturday, November 5 – the week

The price of the Saudi riyal against the Egyptian pound recorded a decrease of “0.1014” points, by “-1.58%” during the currency trading sessions today, Saturday, November 5, 2022, to reach a price equivalent to 6.3375 pounds, compared to the previous opening price of 6.4389 pounds. Saudi riyal against UAE dirham The average price of the … Read more

South Africa recognizes cryptocurrencies as financial assets

South Africa is seeking to allow crypto assets to be traded as financial products to facilitate market regulators’ oversight and help protect consumers. According to the country’s Financial Services Authority notice published recently in the Official Gazette, crypto assets are a digital representation of value. The notice, according to Bloomberg, stated that the country will … Read more

Now the Central Bank of Egypt and digital currencies on Sunday evening 16/10/2022 –

Central Bank of Egypt, digital currencies, digital currencies and the central bank, the most important digital currencies, follow with us the central bank, central bank law, central bank warnings, the new law from the central bank of Egypt The Central Bank of Egypt clarified that by following the movement of cryptocurrency trading through some of … Read more