Cryptocurrency lending company Genesis files for bankruptcy

Last updated January 22, 2023 Cryptocurrency lending company Genesis on Friday officially declared bankruptcy, in the latest blow to the market following the bankruptcies of FTX and BlockFi late last year. The bankruptcy announcement comes after the Securities and Exchange Commission accused Genesis of illegally selling cryptocurrencies. On November 16, the company froze redemptions and … Read more

Binance: Cryptocurrencies have had a challenging year in 2022

Binance, which operates the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, said it managed to navigate “headwinds” in the cryptocurrency market over the past year, which has been challenging for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. The cryptocurrency market was not very fortunate in 2022, as it lost about two trillion dollars last year, and popular cryptocurrencies such … Read more

Why did the trading volume of this cryptocurrency suddenly increase by 300%? by Crypto Horizon

Why has the trading volume of this cryptocurrency suddenly increased by 300%? On Monday, the price of Cronos (CRO) – the native digital currency of the trading platform, continued to rise while the price of other digital assets remained unchanged. The price of the digital currency reached its highest level since November 11 when … Read more

US Republicans are pushing for cryptocurrency regulation through a new committee

Washington – AA Posted on: Saturday, January 14, 2023 – 10:50 PM | Last update: Saturday January 14, 2023 – 10:50 PM Republican lawmakers in the US House of Representatives announced the formation of a new subcommittee that will oversee the cryptocurrency industry, led by Rep. French Hill, that … Read more

A new spam campaign on Twitter steals users’ cryptocurrency

Follow the latest news via the application Kaspersky researchers discovered a spam campaign spread through direct messages on Twitter, targeting the cryptocurrency theft of users, who are asked to help withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from a cryptocurrency account of a user of the popular social media platform. In order to help this … Read more

Microsoft permanently bans cryptocurrency mining on its servers | network location

In a recent update to the Azure Terms of Service, Microsoft announced that cryptocurrency mining using its cloud services is now prohibited. Redmond asserts that this practice presents significant risks, both for its own infrastructure, which finds itself vulnerable, and for users who are exposed to numerous frauds. Recently, cloud platforms seem to be waging … Read more

Canada sets strict rules for cryptocurrency exchanges after FTX crash

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) have outlined a set of rules that must be adhered to by all platforms offering cryptocurrency trading, in a bid to protect their residents from the financial risks associated with crypto, as the global crypto community tries to navigate a major shakeup in the wake of the cryptocurrency exchange crash. … Read more

Microsoft is investigating the targeting of cryptocurrency companies

Digital currencies Today, Wednesday, news reports said that Microsoft’s security department had conducted an investigation into an attack targeting investment companies in Microsoft Digital currencies During the last period, one of the threats was tracked by the name of DEV-013, which managed to infiltrate some groups on the famous Telegram application to disguise themselves as … Read more