Binance: Cryptocurrencies have had a challenging year in 2022

Binance, which operates the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, said it managed to navigate “headwinds” in the cryptocurrency market over the past year, which has been challenging for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. The cryptocurrency market was not very fortunate in 2022, as it lost about two trillion dollars last year, and popular cryptocurrencies such … Read more

Crypto whales are fixated on owning these cryptocurrencies – here’s why

Cryptocurrency whales are people or groups who own a large amount of those currencies; They are always looking for ways to increase investment returns for the benefit of their investment portfolios, and one of those ways is to buy promising digital currencies in the pre-sale stage, which allows them to increase their savings from alternative … Read more

The recovery of “Bitcoin” .. the prices of cryptocurrencies during today’s trading, Tuesday

Bitcoin price increased and tested the $17,500 resistance BTC corrected the gains, but remains well supported above the $16,800 support Bitcoin also extended its upward move above the $17,100 and $17,300 resistance levels and the price is trading near $17,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. Cryptocurrency prices today, Tuesday, December 6, 2022, are … Read more

A young Lebanese man who earns $20,000 a month mining cryptocurrencies has defied all odds

Despite the difficult economic conditions in Lebanon, a 22-year-old Lebanese man insisted on searching for a solution to earn money and provide job opportunities for many young people by mining cryptocurrencies. Ahmed Abu Daher said he and his team of 40 Lebanese and Syrian employees work around the clock to manage thousands of mining machines … Read more

Urgent Announcing the suspension of two popular cryptocurrencies on the Binance trading platform

Urgent Announcing the suspension of two popular cryptocurrencies on the Binance trading platform In a statement released by cryptocurrency exchange Binance today, it was mentioned that two popular cryptocurrencies have been suspended. As translated by “Turkey Urgent”, the decline in cryptocurrency exchanges in recent months cannot be prevented. Undoubtedly, the bankruptcy of world-famous exchanges such … Read more

Erekat: About 200 million people trade cryptocurrencies in the world

The largest cryptocurrency trading companies declared bankruptcy as a result of wrong investments Muhannad Erekat, chief analyst at CFI, said on Wednesday that there are about 200 million people in the world trading digital currencies. He added to the country’s pulse program, which is broadcast on the “Roya” screen, that digital currencies are moving towards … Read more

After the collapse of the FTX Stock Exchange.. Calls to regulate the currency and crypto assets sector

08:30 PM Sunday 13 November 2022 Cairo – Masrawy: The collapse of the FTX exchange and the announcement of its bankruptcy has sparked new calls to regulate the crypto-asset sector, which has seen accumulated losses this year with the collapse of cryptocurrency prices, according to Reuters. The cryptocurrency exchange FTX announced its bankruptcy last Friday, … Read more

South Africa recognizes cryptocurrencies as financial assets

South Africa is seeking to allow crypto assets to be traded as financial products to facilitate market regulators’ oversight and help protect consumers. According to the country’s Financial Services Authority notice published recently in the Official Gazette, crypto assets are a digital representation of value. The notice, according to Bloomberg, stated that the country will … Read more

Because of cryptocurrencies .. 3 under the age of 30 are among the world’s richest people

When the American magazine Forbes published its famous report on the world’s richest people, many noticed that among them were 3 people under the age of 30, and that the three were self-made. It is actually remarkable that none of them exceeded the age of 30 years until December 31, 2021, knowing that the estimated … Read more

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro allows residents to pay their taxes in cryptocurrency

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has decided to allow residents to pay their property taxes in the form of cryptocurrency starting in 2023, thus becoming the first Brazilian city ever to do so. city ​​and demonstrate compliance with the requirements”SEC“Brazilian. Each taxpayer will be allowed to deposit his money in more than one … Read more