Positive movement in the exchange market to absorb the effects of the global crisis

The return of foreign investment, the increase in dollar resources, and the launch of derivatives contracts The Central Bank of Egypt announced that banks operating in the Egyptian market are promoting financial derivatives operations, “hedging contracts” in the exchange market, as part of a package of measures taken by the Central Bank to achieve balance … Read more

The Central Bank devalues ​​the pound, but… Egypt is about to face a currency crisis soon!

Egyptian Pound In a research note issued yesterday, Wednesday, experts at Nomura Bank said that some emerging economies’ currencies are facing a serious currency crisis, and on top of these emerging economies exposed to this crisis are Egypt Experts believe that Egypt is the country most vulnerable to a currency crisis among emerging markets during … Read more

A crisis of mistrust hits the cryptocurrency market, and expectations are that it will reach “zero”

We show you our visitors the most important and latest news in the following article:A crisis of mistrust hits the cryptocurrency market, and expectations of it reaching “zero”, today, Saturday, June 11, 2022 04:46 pm The cryptocurrency sectors are witnessing several crises in their prices after experiencing several declines, as … Read more