Binance: Cryptocurrencies have had a challenging year in 2022

Binance, which operates the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, said it managed to navigate “headwinds” in the cryptocurrency market over the past year, which has been challenging for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. The cryptocurrency market was not very fortunate in 2022, as it lost about two trillion dollars last year, and popular cryptocurrencies such … Read more

The dollar achieves the highest profits in currencies with the beginning of trading in the American period

coins With the beginning of the American trading period, the profits of the major currencies came in the . market Forex Today, Wednesday, prominent and limited to four major currencies, their profits ranged between 1.45% to 3.76% approximately. Included List of winning coins For the day, four major currencies, started with the currency master, the … Read more

“The United” launches a platform for trading foreign currencies electronically

As part of its plan to achieve the digital transformation process by increasing reliance on innovative financial technology in the bank’s business models, Ahli United Bank announced the launch of an internal platform for electronic foreign exchange trading by treasury employees, which is a qualitative step that will enhance, automate and standardize the bank’s foreign … Read more

The New Zealand dollar was the worst affected in the currency market

coins Five of the eight major currencies suffered major losses on Wednesday. At the beginning of the American session of the global currency market. The New Zealand dollar came at the forefront of the losing currencies today, and the US dollar came in second place in terms of the size of its losses in the … Read more

KFH is the first bank to implement “360T” solutions for forex trading operations

Ahmed Al-Sumait: Integration between all the group’s banks abroad through the Kuwait Finance House Kuwait Finance House (KFH), as the first bank in Kuwait, succeeded in implementing 360T solutions to centralize and integrate all foreign currency buying and selling transactions from all the group’s banks abroad (Turkey, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Bahrain), through KFH in … Read more