Urgent: Half-Dollar Coin Soars Like Big Ones by Investing.com

Investing.com – One of the smallest cryptocurrencies managed to post strong gains during Sunday’s trading, outperforming the 100 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. During these moments of Sunday’s dealings, the Silo coin exploded by more than 40%, while it increased in 5 days by more than 90%, to reach levels of $0.714, while it was … Read more

Luna coin price predictions after trading volume increased by $100 million

Indicators still indicate a decline in the price of Terra Luna Classic-LUNC in the current period, but buyers still hope that this reality will change and that the price of Luna Classic will rise above the value of $0.000169, which represents a point from an extended support level in an ascending manner. The cryptocurrency market … Read more

Coin combining Charles and Elizabeth’s “logos” | Gulf newspaper

The British Royal Coin House minted the first 50pence coin for King Charles, designed by British artist Martin Jennings based on a photograph taken on the king’s 70th birthday. And the emblems of Britain and a rose. About 9.6 million coins will be in circulation in December of this year. “For many people, this will … Read more

The Tamadoge TAMA coin has completed the initial sale phase – $19 million raised and a big coin win.

Tamadoge Tama has finished its first sale and has raised about $19 million within a few weeks, which shows how great the interest is from the crypto community and from investors, who saw a great and unique opportunity by investing and buying this wonderful and revolutionary digital currency in the field of metaverses. The symbols … Read more

Binance Explains What Happened To The LUNA Coin And Offers Tips To Reduce Risks!

LUNA In an article on the platform’s official website, the CEO of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, said that the past week was a difficult time for everyone due to the collapse of LUNA, saying that what happened to the Luna currency occupied most of the topics he discussed in his meetings and … Read more