The Central Bank of Ethiopia imposes new restrictions on the movement of foreign exchange and local currency trading

The Central Bank of Ethiopia imposed new restrictions on trading foreign currencies in the Ethiopian local markets, as of Monday, and they are applied to citizens and foreign residents and visitors to the country. The bank stated that the addressees of these new operations will be prohibited from carrying more than 3,000 Ethiopian birr upon … Read more

The Central Bank devalues ​​the pound, but… Egypt is about to face a currency crisis soon!

Egyptian Pound In a research note issued yesterday, Wednesday, experts at Nomura Bank said that some emerging economies’ currencies are facing a serious currency crisis, and on top of these emerging economies exposed to this crisis are Egypt Experts believe that Egypt is the country most vulnerable to a currency crisis among emerging markets during … Read more

Now the Central Bank of Egypt and digital currencies on Sunday evening 16/10/2022 –

Central Bank of Egypt, digital currencies, digital currencies and the central bank, the most important digital currencies, follow with us the central bank, central bank law, central bank warnings, the new law from the central bank of Egypt The Central Bank of Egypt clarified that by following the movement of cryptocurrency trading through some of … Read more

Turkish central bank surprises markets and cuts interest rates

The Central Bank of Turkey returned to the stimulus fiscal policy, as the bank suddenly decided the benchmark interest rate by about 1 percent 100 basis points to stabilize the interest rate in the country at 13% This is after a series of interest rate stabilization that lasted for eleven months, including seven meetings of … Read more

Urgent: The ruble is an orchestrated free fall.. Russia denies interference and the Central Bank makes its decision

Russia The exchange rate of the dollar against the ruble during currency trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange exceeded 60 rubles for the first time since June 3, while the euro exchange rate reached 62 rubles for the first time since June 8, according to MICEX data. The Russian ruble fell during these moments by … Read more

Urgent: The ruble is rebounding strongly after a sudden decision by the Russian Central

rubles After a wave of significant decline of the Russian ruble at the end of last week, following the sudden decision of the Central Bank to cut interest rates by 300 basis points, it seems that the ruble is on its way to return again. The Russian ruble reached its highest levels against the dollar … Read more