Urgent: News of Saudi support for Turkey with 5 billion dollars

Saudi Arabia It seems that the Turkish central bank is about to receive an emergency support package from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which, according to international news agencies, amounts to $5 billion. A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are discussing Riyadh’s deposit of $5 … Read more

Urgent: A cheap digital currency is rising like a rocket… on the cusp of a billion By Investing.com

Investing.com – News of a new acquisition in the cryptocurrency market pushed this promising currency to sweep the crypto market on Wednesday, amid the recession gripping the largest… Along with the establishment of the advisory board, the acquisition instilled new confidence in Huobi token traders, as Abbott Capital acquired the Huobi token issuer while announcing … Read more

The Ministry of the Interior seizes cases of tax evasion of 2 billion pounds within a week

Saturday 25/June/2022 – 03:49 PM Ministry agencies continued interior At the level of the Republic, directing security campaigns in coordination with the Central Security Sector, to confront acts of bullying, apprehend outlaws, and holders of firearms and white goods, tighten security control, and intensify efforts to combat corruption crimes in all its forms and manifestations, … Read more