Cryptocurrency lending company Genesis files for bankruptcy

Last updated January 22, 2023 Cryptocurrency lending company Genesis on Friday officially declared bankruptcy, in the latest blow to the market following the bankruptcies of FTX and BlockFi late last year. The bankruptcy announcement comes after the Securities and Exchange Commission accused Genesis of illegally selling cryptocurrencies. On November 16, the company froze redemptions and … Read more

Competition between stocks, real estate, and gold… Where will Asian investments go after the bankruptcy of FTX?

The bankruptcy of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has sent anxiety and panic into the cryptocurrency investment markets.And investment institutions around the world are asking questions about the future directions of capital, specifically those that have been accustomed to investing in cryptocurrencies in recent years, and how they can reposition themselves in the markets in the next … Read more

Cryptocurrency trading company .. Why did “FTX” file for bankruptcy? | Arabic TV

The American cryptocurrency trading company FTX has officially filed for bankruptcy protection, after depleting its liquidity and causing confusion in the cryptocurrency market, which has plunged sharply under the pressure of investors’ fear for their money deposited in the accounts of the American trading platform. The news of the company’s financial failure in the middle … Read more

Investigation into misleading ads from bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange Voyager – Middle East Economy with Bloomberg

A spokesperson for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which protects customers in the event of bank defaults, said the agency is studying how bankrupt Voyager Digital could market itself. Voyager, another victim of the turmoil in the cryptocurrency markets, had previously stated that all the dollars it deposited with the FDIC under its partnership … Read more

Cryptocurrency hedge fund bankruptcy

Voyager Digital suspends trading and withdrawals Cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital has filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy, a move to protect assets in the United States while the liquidation proceeds in the British Virgin Islands. Court papers showed that representatives of Three Arrows filed a bankruptcy petition in New York yesterday, preventing Chapter 15 … Read more