Urgent: The rumor leads the American market to another rise.. Gold is falling and the dollar is below 112 By Investing.com

© Reuters Investing.com – Markets remain optimistic about the Fed after Friday’s Wall Street Journal article indicating the Fed’s intention to raise rates by only 50 basis points at the December meeting, which came in conjunction with dovish comments from the Fed member. , Mary Daly, who stated that the Fed will not continue to … Read more

Urgent: The bloody decline is covering the American indices, and gold is losing nearly 2%! by Investing.com

Investing.com – The losses of US stocks continue to collapse and collapse in a new weekly round that begins today, after the collapse on Friday that followed the release of strong employment data, which lost 3.8% of its value, today to renew the pain of the American stock market with losses that painted all indicators … Read more

Gold or real estate or cryptocurrencies.. American experts’ advice for the best safe investments

In light of the global economic conditions, with fears of a possible global recession and the continued raising of interest rates in many countries to fight inflation, it is difficult for investors to make their choices about the best investment mechanisms available. Therefore, investors resort to diversifying their investments and using financial advisors, to identify … Read more

The dollar achieves the highest profits in currencies with the beginning of trading in the American period

coins With the beginning of the American trading period, the profits of the major currencies came in the . market Forex Today, Wednesday, prominent and limited to four major currencies, their profits ranged between 1.45% to 3.76% approximately. Included List of winning coins For the day, four major currencies, started with the currency master, the … Read more