Schedule your highly anticipated Ethereum upgrade!


Today, Friday, news reports said that the date of the upgrade of Ethereum and that it will finally move to the Proof of Stake algorithm next September 15, adding that this is the date of the initial launch, which means that the upgrade can still take place a few days after this announced date.

In this context, one of the leading developers of the Ethereum Foundation, Tim Peko, confirmed that the current version of the blockchain will have a set final total difficulty (TTD) of 58,750,000,000,000,000,000,000, after which the final block to be mined will be determined in the Proof of Work version of Ethereum.

The developer indicated that the quota mechanism will come next to complete the validation of the blocks instead of mining, and that Goerli became the third and final test to move to the Proof of Stakes mechanism before the high-risk merge event.

During today’s trading, Ethereum rose by 0.21% and recorded about $1,897.22, with a daily trading volume of $17,022,752,246, bringing the value of Ethereum capital to about $231,336,598,986, and Ethereum ranked second in the ranking of the most popular digital currencies in terms of market value.


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