Samsung showcases 2022 models of Neo QLED 8k TV

Samsung Electronics showcased a range of 2022 models of its Neo QLED 8K TV, speakers, and accessories as well as sustainability initiatives, through its virtual Unbox & Discover events.

With this new lineup, Samsung aims to redefine the role of the display by creating beautifully designed advanced displays that do more than just entertainment, taking these modern in-display products and features to new heights, by providing a single master device for gaming, communication and work.

“We are focused on creating an unparalleled experience across all of our products, allowing consumers to effortlessly enjoy all the features we offer,” said Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of DX (Device eXperience) for Samsung Electronics. The innovative 2022 Neo QLED 8K display is designed to meet the needs and passions of our customers. The Neo QLED 8K also has the power to unleash new experiences as the most important device in the home.”

Samsung‘s portfolio for 2022 has been developed around the company’s motto and vision of “Screens Everywhere, Screens For All”, with TVs in the home as part of users’ daily routine. In line with this vision, Samsung has created devices that can seamlessly connect to each other, for easy customization and to ensure a screen with specifications suitable for every lifestyle. Televisions and monitors were traditionally associated with viewing only, but Neo QLED 8K aims to change that by expanding the user experience.

Al-Mal monitored the list of the latest prices of Samsung mobiles offered in the local market during the current month of March; This is according to the price list issued by “Samsung Egypt”.

RDP stands for wholesale price for merchants, while RRP is known as final consumer price.

Samsung mobile prices witnessed varying price increases on some of its models, with an average increase of 18%; This is against the background of the increase in the prices of all foreign currencies; On top of it is the “dollar”, which exceeded the level of 18 pounds in banking banks.

According to the report issued by the Marketing Research Corporation (GFK), the Korean brand “Samsung” topped the best-selling brands of mobile phones, after it managed to increase its market share to 32.3% of the total sales of the sector, which amounted to one million and 196 thousand devices during the month of last January.

The following list shows the latest prices of Samsung phones in Egypt:

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