Safe trading opportunities on currencies, gold, oil and indices |

Between the US interest rate decision that was issued and the expected British interest rate decision, the markets may move with some violence, but many trading opportunities seem available and some of them are safe by following the technical conditions for entry, and these opportunities are distributed among currency pairs, indices, oil, silver and gold, as the markets gave us since yesterday evening until this morning Excellent technical levels to enter safely and we summarize the best of those opportunities through the following reports

Trading opportunities on currency pairs for May 5, 2022

The US interest rate decision, which the markets price about a month ago, did not give the strength it needed, for the dollar to retreat a lot against all trading assets, while it is currently trying to return to compensate for yesterday’s losses. Very good trading opportunities emerge on the major pairs, which we explained through the attached video.

Trading opportunities on oil, silver and gold for May 5, 2022

Those assets benefited a lot from the dollar’s ​​decline yesterday, as it achieved limited but quick and promising gains, and it may have more ascent with some technical conditions, while it recovered a lot from its last negative cycles at a time when oil adhered to technical analysis and is currently touching very important areas that may give it the ability On the re-targeting of relatively distant targets, a full analysis through the attached video

Trading opportunities on global stock indices for May 5, 2022

A rapid rise and within impulsive candles and a green night spent by global stock indices to compensate for the Nasdaq, the Dow Jones and the German Dax losses this month, and they are approaching sensitive and articulated areas that may push them to re-target our last recorded peaks, a full analysis through the attached video

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