A crisis of mistrust hits the cryptocurrency market, and expectations are that it will reach “zero”

We show you our visitors the most important and latest news in the following article:A crisis of mistrust hits the cryptocurrency market, and expectations of it reaching “zero”, today, Saturday, June 11, 2022 04:46 pm The cryptocurrency sectors are witnessing several crises in their prices after experiencing several declines, as … Read more

Urgent: This Cryptocurrency Will Record a Big Zero By Investing.com

© Reuters. Investing.com – A sector is still mired in crisis. A rally has stalled at $30,000, while Ethereum is trading around the 1,700 level. While some investors are growing distrustful of the industry, so are the detractors. Mohnish Babrai says that crypto investments deserve a “big zero” in the end, and stresses that the … Read more

Urgent: An earthquake hits the markets… Everyone falls but one By Investing.com

© Reuters. Investing.com – A storm of shocking data and gloomy visions for the growth of the US region and the US economy hit the markets on Thursday, with negative repercussions on the markets, with everyone falling into the trap of decline, with one exception. As usual, the US dollar consolidated to escape the wave … Read more

EUR/USD Forecast for Today: Weak Consolidation in the Trend

The euro is not among the weaker major currencies, but the dollar is strong. advertisement My previous recommendations were not activated on May 30th to trade the EURUSD because unfortunately the session low was just below the support I set at $1.0745. Today’s recommendations for trading the EUR/USD currency pair The risk is 0.75%. Trades … Read more

Chart: Cryptocurrency trading strategy..in a volatile mode | Investing.com

Investors have been in deep turmoil since November, after the largest cryptocurrency by market cap rocketed higher, hitting an all-time high of $68,925 per token on November 10. The cryptocurrency immediately reversed, and proceeded to lose 61.4% of its Its value, decreased to $26,600 on May 12. During this period, starting on April 4, Bitcoin … Read more

Alex Bank launches the first electronic platform for forex trading in Egypt

Bank of Alexandria Share Alex Bank, in cooperation with Refinitiv, one of the companies of the London Stock Exchange Group, announced the launch of the first electronic forex trading platform for companies in Egypt, as the first bank in Egypt to adopt the company’s solutions for electronic trading, in the context … Read more

Urgent: A digital currency loses a third of its value in minutes .. a new zero By Investing.com

© Reuters Investing.com – It is not new for the currency that has been shaken by the cryptocurrency market to record further declines amid expectations of more volatility and speculation for the luna currency, which has become a neglected currency after the new issuance of the Luna Coin or Luna Classic. During the past few … Read more

Cryptocurrency prices..Bitcoin continues its losses during trading

Cryptocurrency prices fell collectively during today’s trading, as Bitcoin continues its violent losses. “Al-Dustour” monitors the losses of cryptocurrencies according to the transactions of the global stock exchange: Bitcoin, the largest and most popular digital currency in the world, lost 2.38%, to $29,653.9. The Ethereum coin fell 2.59%, recording $1,766.72. The Cardano coin fell by … Read more

A cryptocurrency trading company lays off 80 Bahrainis.

Anas Al-Aghbash A source confirmed that a digital currency trading company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, reassured the rest of the employees, during a meeting with them yesterday, to stop the “techniques”, after it suddenly laid off 80 employees in one day under the pretext of reducing operating … Read more

Urgent: US unemployment data is released and moves the markets

US unemployment data posted positive results while disappointing initial employment data was released, with the US economy still awaiting the release of employment data tomorrow. unemployment data The data revealed that 200,000 Americans applied for unemployment benefits, while analysts at Investing.com expected 210,000 applications for unemployment benefits. Employment data from ADP Initial employment data at … Read more