Economics Professor: Digital currencies impose themselves and the phenomenon must be contained.. Video – The Seventh Day

Dr. Abdel Latif Darwish, professor of economics, said that the virtual world is evolving day after day, which means that digital currencies must be contained. Darwish added, during his appearance via Skype, on the “Matrouh for Discussion” program broadcast on the “Cairo News” channel, that dealing with digital currencies is primarily a psychological issue, … Read more

US Republicans are pushing for cryptocurrency regulation through a new committee

Washington – AA Posted on: Saturday, January 14, 2023 – 10:50 PM | Last update: Saturday January 14, 2023 – 10:50 PM Republican lawmakers in the US House of Representatives announced the formation of a new subcommittee that will oversee the cryptocurrency industry, led by Rep. French Hill, that … Read more

Cathy Wood is investing heavily in Coinbase and Tesla and expects Bitcoin to rise to this level!

bitcoin Popular investor Cathy Wood, CEO of Ark Investments, added another 74,792 shares of the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase to the company’s investment portfolio, and also added 99,523 shares of the American electric car maker Tesla, over the weeks. the past few years, which pushed stocks to rise despite the degree of uncertainty in global … Read more

Urgent: The Fed is commenting on the data… the markets are in a sudden turnaround, and gold is now stronger by

© Reuters. – It was issued to confirm expectations that inflation is declining, read after read, which made the majority of investors tend to expect the Fed to raise only 25 basis points at the February meeting, which was confirmed by the Wall Street Journal in a report on interest and inflation. Data also … Read more

Gold: China’s weapon to eliminate the hegemony of the dollar internationally.. from the gate of Saudi Arabia

In light of the East axis, led by China and Russia, striving to eliminate the dominance of the dollar in international financial transactions and their intention to weaken it from time to time, gold will be a decisive factor for China in this regard, as it looks to enhance the international credibility of the yuan … Read more

The price of the UAE dirham rose in Egyptian banks today, Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The price of the UAE dirham in Egyptian banks rose today, Tuesday, January 10, 2023, during daily transactions in the money market, as the price of the UAE dirham increased by 15 piasters from the price of yesterday, Monday, with the stability of demand rates for foreign currencies in banks, and the liberalization of the … Read more

Economic researcher: The recession will not last long.. This is the fate of the currency market and Bitcoin in 2024

Kuwaiti economic researcher, Abdul Rahman Al-Enezi, said that the metavirus is the future, and that the world will witness a significant rise in bitcoin starting in 2024. Al-Enezi indicated that he conducted many studies and research in the world of currency trading during the last period, the result of which was that there is a … Read more

“Al-Fakkah Trade” is the magic solution to the transportation quarrel in Khartoum

Whoever sets foot in the transportation stops in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, which transports passengers to its various suburbs, will notice the spread of coins stacked on tables and others furnished on old pieces of cloth, in addition to voices calling on passers-by, specifically drivers of public vehicles to exchange banknotes of large denominations for … Read more

A new spam campaign on Twitter steals users’ cryptocurrency

Follow the latest news via the application Kaspersky researchers discovered a spam campaign spread through direct messages on Twitter, targeting the cryptocurrency theft of users, who are asked to help withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from a cryptocurrency account of a user of the popular social media platform. In order to help this … Read more