On charges of money laundering.. the investigation began with the free Egyptian “blogger”, Hadeer Atef | Gulf newspaper

Extensive investigations were launched by the Egyptian Public Prosecution, with Bilal Mahmoud, the divorced, famous Egyptian blogger Hadeer Atef, after he was accused of having a close relationship with a money laundering case and financial suspicions, according to what was published by local media.

These investigations came after a decision issued by the investigation authorities to imprison Bilal Mahmoud a few days ago on charges of defrauding citizens, claiming that he owns projects in the real estate and car trade contrary to the truth, his illegal trade in digital currency trading, and his claim of suicide and disposal of his life.

The Egyptian judiciary had previously decided to renew the detention of the accused blogger, Hadeer Atef, and her ex-husband, for 15 days, pending investigations on charges of fraud and fraud.

According to the media, the divorced Egyptian blogger is named Bilal Farouk (32 years old), and he lived in the Magra Al-Oyoun area, before moving to live in the assembly with his ex-wife. He claimed to own a car showroom in the Fifth Settlement area, rented a Mercedes and claimed to own it to delude the victims of his outrageous wealth.

He also took advantage of his wife’s fame and the large number of her followers to promote his illegal business, and he was previously accused in a drug case in 2015.

He holds a diploma in commerce, not a bachelor’s degree as he claimed, and he is accused in several previous forgery cases. Blogger Hadeer Atef announced her divorce from him on November 26, due to his bad reputation.


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