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How Olymp Trade helps traders find the right trading style for them.

One of the key components of a successful trading style is the information that supports the decisions of each trade. There are many trading modes and many forex trading strategies and tools to deal with each of them, which means that each individual trader has the opportunity to develop and refine his or her own trading style.

Below, we’ll cover the main things to focus on before opening a trade and how you can get the information you need to make informed decisions. This process begins with choosing the right trading mode, the best asset for you, and the type of fundamental and technical analysis that can help you anticipate price movements before opening trades.

Choose your preferred trading mode

When entering the market, you will come across many trading modes available. It is important to understand how they differ from each other, the advantages of each, and how this might match your overall goals as a trader. We will cover the most popular trading methods available based on an example from the Olymp Trade platform.


Forex is perhaps the most popular trading method. Its most prominent assets are currency pairs in the exchange markets. For example, the euro and the US dollar, and the current exchange rate for this pair is what determines the profitability of the asset when the position is closed. Although you can trade precious metals, commodities and indices as well.

Forex is suitable for the vigilant trader as it gives him the opportunity to open deals at prices as low as $1. Although the profit ceiling on these trades is unlimited, the maximum loss is only the amount invested in the trade itself, which means that you are protected from debt due to a losing trade even when you use multiples. However, it is important to set stop losses before trading to mitigate the impact of any unexpected price movements.

This trading style contains most of the three transactions we cover in this article, giving the trader opportunities to open and close trades quickly. Long-term strategies are also an option with this approach, making it a great market to learn to navigate and to add to your forex tool portfolio.


Stocks is a form of trading closely related to the traditional buying of stocks in the public market. The advantage here is that you will not need a buyer when closing the same deal. The entry price for this trading style is the current market price per share, but is instead referred to as the unit. This gives traders an option to include long-term growth strategies in their investment portfolios without some of the inherent risks. Which makes it one of the best stock trading tools for maximum success.

This trading style helps people who are interested in applying the knowledge of publicly traded companies in their decision-making process. It also requires less maintenance on the part of the rolling stock. This relaxed environment also allows traders to diversify if they choose to use a trading style that requires their attention throughout the trading process without affecting the trader’s lifestyle.

For those who are hesitant about these types of investments because of the amounts of money one needs to get started, Olymp Trade offers split units. This is a unique recently launched feature that enables traders to buy a portion of a share instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on an entire share. Which makes it one of the best stock trading tools. The list of available companies includes major international companies such as Alibaba, Tesla, Apple, Disney, and others.

Fixed Time Trades

Probably the most obvious trading style is Fixed Time Trades (FTT). With FTT, you have the ability to choose a wide range of forex instruments, commodities, currency pairs and stocks as assets. You can specify the duration of the transaction, which ranges from a few minutes to a much longer time. Your trade has a specific return that is known before the trade is opened up or down. When the term of the deal expires, if the final level of the asset falls in the expected direction, you will earn the amount of commission.

Origin selection

The next step to choosing a trading style that matches your trader’s lifestyle is choosing an asset to trade on. You can trade commodities, currency pairs, publicly traded stocks and even cryptocurrencies, and other forex trading tools. Olymp Trade has a wide range of assets available so that everyone can find what they like to trade.

A good place to start is a familiar place, applying knowledge that you already trust and that fits into your lifestyle as a trader. Perhaps this is the potential growth or backlash for the revenue change of that big company you read about in the morning news. Perhaps you have a general interest in the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and are following trends which makes cryptocurrency a good option for you. Starting in a comfortable area will give you the best chance of finding the trading style that works best for you and that will eventually lead to success.

Fundamental Analysis

Staying up to date with the news of your chosen asset is the cornerstone of fundamental analysis, and one of the most important forex trading tools. This practice is a key component of long-term investment strategies on publicly traded stocks, and a strong indicator of short-term movement as well. The goal is to learn the potential profitability of an asset by thinking critically about what you read in the analyzes.

Learning to take the information you need from news, expert articles, and market reports takes time, which is why starting with an asset that you are keen to research can be beneficial.

Olymp Trade has focused on making all the information you need available in an easy and streamlined process. Expert analysis, blog articles, and news are routinely created and published to keep you updated without spending too much time browsing the internet to find what you need.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is an equally important process when gathering information before trading. This process uses the tools available to you on the platform itself to create charts that you can easily read and take information from.

The amount of forex and FTT tools at your disposal is quite large, and this may sound overwhelming, but over time you can develop a solid understanding of the information you value most, the tools to help you get the information you find relevant, and then how to apply it to your trading style. your. You just need to take some time to figure out which tools are most suitable for your goals and your trader’s lifestyle. For your sake, Olymp Trade not only provides forex tools for trading but also provides comprehensive guides and explanations for each so that you can trade armed with knowledge and confidence.

Practice Leads to Perfection – Define Your Trading Style

Good brokers provide their traders with the opportunity to learn in a safe and manageable environment without risking losing their hard earned money. Before venturing into the real market, Olymp Trade offers you a free demo account to use and apply your strategies to it without investing any real money. However, you will still receive all the accurate information of the real deal. This is the perfect place for you to learn and hone your trading style before risking your hard earned money.

Everything is ready for you to get started

As a trader, there are hundreds of different ways to approach market opportunities, and they all have one thing in common. It requires a dedicated amount of research to have the best chance of success. The opportunity for you to develop a trading style and learn how to collect the information you need is ready and available for you on the Olymp Trade platform. If this interests you, open an account today and start developing and refining your strategies to elevate your trader’s lifestyle. Olymp Trade has everything you need to make informed and informed decisions while trading the market.


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