New developments regarding Ripple’s case with the US Stock Exchange


News reports said Thursday that Ripple’s legal team confirmed that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wants to reopen the discovery in their case, in a letter to magistrate Sarah Netburn.

Reports indicated that the defendants requested permission from the court to file nonpartisan subpoenas in order to obtain copies of several video recordings in which commission officials made public remarks. But the video platforms that host the videos in question prevent users from downloading copies without permission.

Thus, Ripple’s legal team must now file subpoenas so that it can download the requested content, and if the court approves the defendants’ request to file subpoenas for the companies involved, the material will then be certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Reports indicated that the defendants allege that the demands of the US Securities and Exchange Commission are inappropriate, because the agency did not serve any requests to enter during the discovery phase, and at the same time, Ripple asserts that there is no problem with the dates, with its request because the defendants are not seeking to return The discovery was opened, and they accused the committee of inaction in order to prolong the case.

During Thursday’s trading, the Ripple currency decreased by 0.61% and recorded about $0.3713, with a daily trading volume of $958,651,990, bringing the Ripple capital value to about $17,949,396,929, and it ranks sixth in the ranking of the most famous digital currencies in terms of market value.


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